How fast do our paws get your goodies to you?

Our pet-loving team works like a well-trained fetcher, sending out your orders within 48 hours. Then, it's an exciting 1-2 week adventure to your doorstep. But hold your leash! Sometimes, international delivery has a mind of its own, and we can't promise to beat the speed of a squirrel.

How can I keep tabs on my order's journey?

Once we set your order on its path to you, you'll receive a shipping confirmation email. Inside, you'll find your order's treasure map… Or rather, tracking information. If your tracking number starts acting like a cat with yarn, just hit "Reply" to the email. Our team is here to assist you faster than a Greyhound chasing a ball!

What if my order goes on an adventure of its own or arrives with a few extra tail-wags?

No worries! If your order decides to explore the world or arrives with unexpected surprises, we're like a trusty dog with a bone. We'll replace or refund lost or damaged orders at no extra cost.

Do we send goodies to your furry friends around the world?

We're like the global pet postman! We deliver to most countries. If there's a hiccup in our furry friend's route, we'll send them a bark or a meow… or contact you directly.

Why do our products sometimes travel solo?

Our products like a little independence! They might journey separately for a quick arrival, to dodge customs like a ninja, or because they have a secret plan from different pet distribution centers.

Where do our pet-tastic products come from?

Our pet-tastic products are like world travelers! Most of them begin their journey from Asia, where prices are as low as a limbo stick, but the quality is as high as a cat in a tree.


Can I change your mind about my order?

Absolutely! If your order hasn't sprouted wings and taken off yet, let us know, and we'll wag our tails with joy to help you change it. Once it's in the wild, it's on its own adventure.

Oops, did you order 10 chew toys by mistake?

No problem! We have a 30-minute "fur-realization" window. Send us a message or an email, and we'll cancel and refund you faster than a dog chasing its tail.


Can I do a paw-some return or exchange dance with my order?

Now, about returns and exchanges - we're like the strict librarian with a heart of gold. Due to the nature of our pet-tastic products, most purchases are final. Why, you ask? Well, it's all about keeping your fur babies safe, maintaining squeaky-clean hygiene, and ensuring top-notch product quality. We're committed to their well-being, after all!

But don't howl in despair just yet! We get that picking the perfect goodies for your pets can be tricky. That's why our fur-endly customer support team is here to help. Got questions about a specific product? Curious about the quirks of a chew toy? Just reach out! Our knowledgeable team will give you all the juicy details, answer your queries, and help you make the smartest pet-parent decisions.


Got more questions than a cat has lives? Use our Contact Form. We promise it's not a secret code written in cat scratch!